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...it's my 'Piece of Paradise'.

“Whoever buys will enjoy a magical lifestyle”
— Lloyd Borrett


It is with a “heavy heart” that I've decided to sell my Glenaroua mud brick home and property, “Raydon”. The combination of a business opportunity in the outer South East of Melbourne, plus a new partner who lives in that area, has meant that I need to relocate closer to where my life is now based.

In the Beginning

I purchased the property, together with my then partner, in 1989. The two large sheds and one 20,000 litre rainwater tank were already on the property, but there was no house.

Architect Marcus Ward, from Kyneton Victoria, drew up the official house plans, based on my design ideas and specifications, in May 1989. Richard Fooks prepared the structural computations and Engineer's Report.

Raydon Site Plan
Raydon Site Plan (May 1989)
Download Site and House Plans — Adobe PDF (4 pages, 429 Kb)

Everything was submitted to the Pyalong Council (now Mitchell Shire Council) and the Planning Permit was issued in June 1989. A local builder was contracted to build the mud brick home and the mud bricks were purchased from “The Mud Brick Circus” (Kyneton). The Certificate of Occupancy was issued in January 1990.

We relocated to Glenaroua from Melbourne, with the two puppies we had purchased a week earlier, just before Easter 1990.

Settling In

Over the years, we not only added to the size of the animal managery that was our family, but also to the amenities on the property! First came a large dog kennel and “Stalag 13”, the compound where the dogs reside when we were not at home. In late 2005, a roof was added to a section of the dog run to provide the now pensioner incumbents with even more creature comforts.

It is a real joy to see the native wildlife making the most of their home. The pet sheep “Polly” and the various horses we've had over the years, all mixed in well with the local wildlife.

Friends, Family and Community

Naturally, “Raydon” has been the setting for many memorable events and parties over the years. There are plenty of trails for adults and children to walk, or ride horses and motorcycles around the property. Many a fine summer day has been spent with a gathering of friends swimming in a dam and sharing a barbecue.

Horsing around at the back shed
Horsing around at the “back shed”
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We've enjoyed countless weekends with friends and family visiting from Melbourne or interstate. For a few years the local natural horsemanship group had their regular get togethers at “Raydon”, with an array of obstacles set up on the flat out by the back shed. We've even had adults and children come and camp, out in the back of the property. With so much space, no one has ever felt that they were imposing upon us.

I have loved every minute of living in this unique Australian bush environment, in a country area with such warm and friendly locals. The Glenaroua and Kilmore area has been an absolutely idyllic place to live. It's so nice to drive into town and leave one's car unlocked while you do the shopping. Saturday mornings in the main township are something which I look forward to every week, enjoying sidewalk conversation with someone you bump into.

Rural Bush Retreat

“Raydon” really has been for me, a fabulous setting for unwinding from the pressures of my working life in Melbourne. For most of my 16 years at “Raydon”, I've commuted daily by car to various office locations in the Melbourne CBD, Brunswick, South Melbourne, St Kilda Road and Hawthorn. I've actually found the travelling time to be a useful period where I can either prepare for the day ahead, or review what has transpired that day.

It's hard to say what the best part of the day is in the country. Waking up to the kookaburras, parrots and assorted bird life of a morning is always a delight. About a hundred birds come in to feed each morning. The spring and summer sunsets of an evening, with the glow over the trees, has to be seen to be believed. But then again, gazing at the wonder of the stars in a clear black sky, unspoilt by the lights of the city, is very special.

Winter also has its own special appeal, with the occasional frost turning the paddocks “white” of an early morning. Of course everyone loves curling up near the combustion wood-fire in front of the television of an evening.

The property is “unbelievably private”, with a heavy coverage of trees near the house and the “real world” seemingly a million miles away!

Combine Business with Lifestyle

I am “living proof” that with today's technology, one doesn't need to be in the big cities in order to earn a handsome living. I earn my income from being a Business, Sales, Marketing and Technology Consultant to numerous companies and have clients in Australia and overseas.

At various times, I have easily used “Raydon” as my base. The second bedroom was converted to an office and with the help of the Internet and email facilities, I found it very easy to work from my home base.

Being able to leave the house during the day and take a walk with the dogs out through the property, is a real luxury. It certainly beats fighting through crowded streets and going into a bustling cafe in the city!

Ideal for You?

I see the property being ideal perhaps for a number of different possible purchasers:

  1. Possibly a couple in a similar position I was in, looking for a “tree change” to a place where there is space for themselves and their animals. Maybe you are in an occupation which allows you to work from a home base in the country and simply travel to the city as the need arises.
  2. Possibly a couple close to retirement who may wish to enjoy “the quiet life” after having been in the fast-paced hustle and bustle of city life for many years. (And quite possibly love nature walks!)
  3. Maybe a family, where one or two children would enjoy some “space to run around in”. That pony you're planning to get is just going to love “Raydon”.
  4. Maybe someone who appreciates the principles of Permaculture and wildlife conservation. Perhaps you will realise my dream and create a vermin proof fence around the property to keep out the introduced species. Then a small piece of Australian would again become a true wildlife sanctuary.
  5. Someone who is looking for a very special “country weekender”, where they can escape to when in need of a stress-break. (Like every Friday afternoon!)

Live the Dream

In summary, I believe “Raydon” is truly a rural oasis — something very special and unique. One wouldn't find too many 95 acre properties which have so many natural attributes — it's all here.

Glenaroua and Kilmore is a magically picturesque part of the world. It's experiencing a healthy influx of city-folk looking for a lifestyle “tree change” from the “hustle n' bustle” of suburbia.

For me, “Raydon” has been a wonderful place to live and it is with great reluctance, that I have decided to sell the property. I know that it is unlikely I will ever find a more idyllic place to live, but because of the unique business and life opportunity which has presented itself to me, I simply have little choice but to move on.

There is no doubt in my mind, whoever the buyer of this property is, they will enjoy the tremendous benefits of a tranquil and private living environment, something which I have treasured and appreciated for over fifteen years.

Best Regards, Lloyd Borrett.

Owner's Comments