...Australian bush living and country charm near Kilmore, Victoria.

Take a dip

Front dam at Raydon
“Front dam” at “Raydon”, looking North
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Imagine going for a dip in such a location, where everyone and everything seem a million miles away. Rub on the sun cream, lay back and relax amidst glorious countryside where peace and quietness reigns supreme. Forget the rest of the world exists, as there's certainly no stress when you're relaxing around and in this dam. And there's ample space around the dam for those lunch or evening summer barbecues.

The comfort of a mud brick house

The architect designed, mud brick home has many features, with a warm hearted, country house ambience. The wonder of mud brick is that on hot summer days, visitors will walk in and say, “Isn't it nice and cool in here.” Yet on cold winter days they will say, “It's so warm and cosy.”

Raydon North and South Elevation Plans
Raydon North and South Elevation Plans (May 1989)
Download Site and House Plans — Adobe PDF (4 pages, 429 Kb)

Paradise of privacy

This truly is ‘bush retreat’ and ‘country charm’ at its very best. “Raydon” is an extraordinary lifestyle opportunity which comes along only once in a blue moon. With the home ‘living and playing’ area being positioned in a secluded position well away from the road, in the lee of a hill and sheltered by coups of magnificent grey and yellow box gum trees, it takes on magically diverse ambiences at different times throughout the day.